This emergency air pump is a very small air pump that comes with a built in Lithium Battery. When the power goes out it will automatically stay on and aerate your tank for up to 24 hours, depending on the operating mode selected. The unit can be selected to run continuously or stand by mode when connected to the mains. When a power failure occurs it will start automatically, but needs to be switched off manually if so desired. Two settings are provided for this unit during power failures; continuous operation or intermittent operation. The latter selection will increase to battery life to up to 24 hours. The unit use a USB connection to charge, thus even a power bank can be utilised in extreme emergency conditions to prolong battery life.


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 Model SB-418 SB428
 Power 1W 2W
 Flow 3L/min 2 x 3L/min
 Pressure 0.015MPa 0.015MPa
 Voltage 220v AC via USB or battery back-up 220v AC via USB or battery back-up