Fish tank air pumps are considered essential additions to the aquarium hobbyist’s tool kit for many good reasons. They boost oxygen levels while simultaneously removing excess carbon dioxide from the system. Extra water movement helps heat and oxygen get to all regions of the tank The advantages of using an AC/DC air pump in a fish tank are as follows: Energy efficiency: DC air pumps are more energy-efficient than AC air pumps. They consume less power and produce less heat, which can help reduce your electricity bill. Quiet operation: DC air pumps are quieter than AC air pumps because they use a brushless motor that produces less noise. Controllability: DC air pumps are more controllable than AC air pumps because they can be adjusted to different flow rates and pressures. Power outages: Most important of all is that you will have a continuous air supply to your aquarium during power outages. The size, battery condition and charge will determine how long this pumps can run during an power cut. Some pumps are known to run for up to 150 hours on intermittent settings.