Otopharynx lithobates is a true rock dweller and is hardly ever seen in open water, even in aquaria. In fact, the scientific name lithobates literally translates as “rock dweller”. Breeding males of this species rank among the most stunning of Lake Malawi Haplochromine cichlids. A relatively peaceful species ideal for many hard water communities. Ideally, it should be kept in a Lake Malawi biotope aquarium with fish such as peaceful Haps. It can also be combined successfully with hard water rainbowfish and some cyprinids. However, small fish will be eaten. It can be maintained in groups but does become territorial when spawning. Males can also be quite vigorous in their pursuit of mates, so we recommend keeping several females to each male. Should not be kept with boisterous fish such as Mbuna.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Size Temperament
Otopharynx lithobates
Sulphur Head hap 160mm Semi-aggressive 
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank Size Diet
 24-28°C  7.6- 8.8  250 litres Carnivore