Nimbochromis livingstonii, Livingston's cichlid or kalingono is a laterally compressed fish with a large mouth. Colouration variable but typically mottled brown and white. The dorsal fin may also show blue coloration while maintaining an orange to red band and sometimes a white line. Adult males frequently "colour-up" in response to changing conditions and rapidly change from spotted camouflage to brilliant blues and greens and may even exhibit a pale golden tone. Breeding males turn a dark blue which almost completely obscures their blotched pattern. The anal fin is usually orange to red. Females are similar, but usually lack the yellow "egg spot" markings on the anal fin. Livingstonii have similar feeding techniques as Venustus and have been observed to lie on the substrate as if dead, waiting for small fish to come close in search of a meal. When a suitable target comes into range, the fish quickly lunges at the prey and usually swallows it whole.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Size Temperament
 Nimbochromis Livingstonii Kaligono hap 225mm Moderately-aggressive 
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank Size Diet
 23-28°C  7.5 - 8.8  250 litres Carnivore