- Easy installation, super bright LED - Eco energy saving, button colour control, high brightness - High quality multi-spectrum LED diodes including 8000k white and 630nm red providing full spectrum illuminations, ideal for fresh water aquarium - Outstanding grow lights for plants - Fashionable, compact design with adjustable bracket for easy installation - Low voltage, super safe and greater energy savings - Crystal glass splash guard and water resistant construction


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 Model Dee-L15
 Dee-L22 Dee-L30 Dee-L36 Dee-L60 Dee-L72 Dee-L90
 Power 4W 6W 8W 10W 24W 32W 40W
 Voltage 220v 220v 220v 220v 220v 220v 220v
 Length 260mm 340mm 420mm 550mm 550mm 850mm 1150mm
 Fit Tank 300mm 350mm 450mm  600mm 600mm 900mm 1200mm