The fish are born yellow but as they reach maturity males turn blue with several vertical black bars. Less dominant males are paler blue and it is possible for some younger males to remain mixed in with the females, in typical yellow female dress. When the dominant male leaves a certain group, one of these incognito males may colour up and become dominant. Male Saulosi cichlid can become territorial and aggressive with other males, so a tank of adequate size is required. Aggression and tension can rise, especially during mating. A dominant male in the tank will often aggressively chase after other males. Therefore, limiting the number of males in the tank is best.


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 Scientific Name  Common Name Size  Temperament 
Chindonga Saulosi
 Saulosi Cichlid  80-100mm Aggressive
 Water Temperature Water pH  Tank Size Diet 
  23-27°C  7.7–8.6  200 litres Omnivore