DOA Policy

If the fish is dead upon arrival (DOA), within 36 hours after leaving our premises and we agree to compensate, we will issue you a credit on your next purchase. The following terms and conditions apply to our guarantee:  • Fanie's Fishroom will issue a credit towards your next purchase for the purchase amount of fish that is DOA. This credit is for fish only and does not cover shipping or packaging costs. • Losses must be reported to Fanie's Fishroom within 1 hour after receiving the shipment and must include a photo of the dead fish in an unopened bag. If the bags was opened, any claim will be void. We will check the timestamp of the tracking number to confirm the time of delivery. No exceptions. • Shipping is non refundable. • Buyer is responsible for the shipping of any replacement fish. • We recommend that you acclimatise your fish via dripping method and quarentine for a week before adding to your main aquarium. • Once fish is added to your aquarium, we are not responsible for sudden deaths or illnesses. We ship healthy fish, once they are in your system, their continued good health is your responsibility.

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