The Variatus platy fish is primarily black, paired with other beautiful colours. This platy species comes in a large variety of colour combinations, including the red and yellow sunburst tuxedo platy, the blue-red tuxedo metallic platy, red gold tuxedo platy, blue tuxedo platy, and many more. The tuxedo platy’s colour runs from head to tail, and surrounds a large black patch that covers most of the fish’s side. This black patch makes the platy fish look like it is wearing a tuxedo.


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Care level:Temperament:Color:Lifespan:Size:
EasyPeacefulBlack, various3–5 years75mm
Water temperature:Water pH:Tank size:Diet:Scientific name:
22–73°C6.8–8.038 litresOmnivoreXiphophorus maculatus