Vallisneria is a classical aquarium plant, it has given great pleasure to both veteran and novice aquarists for generations. It is also one of the most popular and easily obtained plants in the aquarium hobby. The plant is very attractive, and it is used to introduce vertical accents in the background of planted tanks, some varieties can be used to adorn the mid-grounds as well. Vallisneria features a tall rosulate structure, bright ribbon-like green leaves, and the ability to populate rapidly in an aquarium using its prolific runners.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Height Width
 Vallisneria sp. Tape grass, Valis 20-40cm Spreading
 Water Temp Water pH Colour Difficulty
  20-28oC 6.5-8.5 Green/Red Easy
 Light demand Grow Rate Placement Substrate 
 Medium moderate - fast Background Any