Anubias afzelii has elongated, leathery leaf blades with the leaf stems that is shorter than blades. The leaves are set on a creeping and rooting rhizome. The plant grows in wet, shady places and flowers from the end of March to July, fruiting from April to September. It generally grows emerged, but can sometimes be completely submerged. Anubias is an epiphyte meaning a plant that don’t need to be planted in substrate and therefore will prefer to be attaching to rocks or driftwood using cotton thread or plant glue.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Height Width
 Anubias afzelii Spearhead Anubias 30-40cm15cm
 Water Temperature Water pH Colour Difficulty
  22-28oC 6.0-7.0 Green Easy
 Light demand Grow Rate Placement Substrate 
 Low1 leaf/2 months Middle to back Epiphyte