SOBO DC Eco Amphibious 24V DC Water Pump features: - Includes control panel. - Low wattage, high output. - Energy Saving up to 65%. - Amphibious. - Pure Copper Motor. - Ceramic shaft core and sleeve for durability. - Pump Damage Protection system (Waterless Protection). - The real sine wave frequency conversion control technology uses the most advanced 6T sensor. - Long life, low noise, high efficiency.


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 Model SF-2000 SF-3000 SF-4000 SF-5000 SF-6000 SF-8000 SF-10000 SF-12000
 Power 18W 25W 30W 40W 50W 65W 75W 85W
 Flow 2000L/H 3000L/H 4000L/H 5000L/H 6000L/H 8000L/H 10000L/H 12000L/H
 Height 3.0m 4.0m 4.5m 5.0m 5.5m 5.5m 6.0m 6.5m
 Voltage 24v DC 24v DC 24v DC 24v DC  24v DC 24v DC 24v DC 24v DC