Angelfish are native to tropical South America, including most of the Amazon water system in French Guiana, Brazil, Guyana, Columbia, and Peru. The fish are commonly found in slow-moving streams, floodplains, and swamps, in warm, acidic water with no salinity. Angelfish have a beautiful, striking appearance that is unique from any other aquarium fish, with long, spectacular fins and arrowhead-shaped bodies. Angelfish are peaceful fish with occasional aggressive tendencies. In addition to silver, angelfish are found in gold, black, white, orange, and yellow. Marbled angelfish have no black stripes, but have a combination of marbled black, white, orange, yellow, gold, and silver on their bodies. Angelfish are hardy fish that are easy to care for. The fish require tropical freshwater with a slow-moving current, replicating their natural habitat. Feed angelfish an omnivorous diet.