The electric blue hap is one of the most popular species of cichlid due to the piercing blue coloration of the male fish. These fish aren’t any more difficult to keep than most other species of cichlid and make a great addition to a Lake Malawi-themed freshwater system. However, they don’t turn up too often in the aquarium trade and are often mislabeled as one of their close relatives. It is very common to see S. fryeri and S. ahli treated as the same species within the aquarium trade. As we’ll see later, these two species have some slight differences to them. You’re also much more likely to come across Sciaenochromis fryeri than Sciaenochromis ahli as S. ahli is rarely sold in the hobby.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Size Temperament
Sciaenochromis fryeri  
Blue ahli 150mm Semi Aggressive
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank Size Diet
 24 - 28 °C  7.6 - 8.8  300 L Carnivore