This is a large catfish species with a shark appearance, hence the name "Pangasius shark". They are native to the freshwaters of South and Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, Pangassius are still regularly available in many aquatic stores although they are highly unsuitable for home aquariums. The fish naturally grows up to 130cm, although due to inadequate aquarium conditions, usually reaches around 30cm before an early death. Pangassius are incredibly nervous, fleeing at the slightest sudden movement, vibration, or change in light, often hitting the glass and resulting in damage to the fish. These fish can only be kept in huge aquariums (e.g. public aquariums) or tropical ponds and should never be kept in home aquariums. Only people that can provide proof of a heated pond in excess of 10 000 litres will be eligible to purchase these fish.


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Proof of suitable aquarium/pond is compulsory and inspection thereof may be requested