A Micro Sword Plant is a freshwater aquarium plant often found in pet stores today. Often sold as a Micro Sword, it can also be called Micro Sword Grass, Brazilian Micro Sword, Copragrass, Carpet Grass or Lilaeopsis brasiliensis. Healthy Micro Sword Plant roots are white, very fine and delicate. So be very careful not to damage or tear the roots when removing the plant from the pot or separating the plant into smaller clumps. Because the plants are light and have fine, shallow roots, they may come out of the substrate and float around. If this happens, plant them again. Hopefully patience pays off and the clumps will take root and stay put. Once the plant roots establish themselves and the plant begins to reproduce, the roots will take hold like a net or web securing the plant to the top of the substrate.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Height Width
 Lilaeopsis brasiliensis  Micro Sword 8-9cm 
 Water Temperature Water pH Colour Difficulty
  22-29 oC  6.8-7.5  Green moderate to difficult
 Light demand Grow Rate Placement Substrate 
 Moderate to high Slow  Foreground Fine