Microsorum pteropus “ Narrow leaf”, Is a form of Java fern with very long, narrow leaves. Like the species, Narrow Leaf Java fern is a wonderful aquarium plant both for beginners and for more experienced hobbyists, but this variety stays small and compact so can be used in much smaller tanks or as a highlight in a larger tank.


Javafern: *
  • 25-50mm (not potted)
  • 50-100mm
  • 100-150mm
  • 150-200mm

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 Scientific Name 
 Common Name Height  Width
 Microsorum pteropus  Java fern 32cm 
Water Temperature
 Water pH Colour Difficulty 
 15-28oC 6.0-7.5  Dark green Easy
 Light requirement Grow Rate Placement Substrate
 Low to moderate Slow Mid- to background None