Hemigraphis colorata narrow leaf or Dragon's tongue has similar colouring to the broad leaf variety. Its leaves have very jagged edges which makes it a very decorative plant for the aquarium. This plant is not as easy as the broad leaf to maintain and if it is not given enough light and nutrients it tends to drop its lower leaves and slowly lose condition. Hemigraphis exotica is best suited for terrarium environments. Low to moderate light are acceptable for Hemigraphis. Sometimes still used as an aquarium plant, Hemigraphis exotica should only be submerged for short periods of time and then taken out to regenerate.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Height Width
 Hemigraphis colorata repandaDragon's tongue 20cm 30cm
 Water Temperature Water pH Colour Difficulty
 4-15oC  6-8 Green/purple Easy
 Light demand Grow Rate Placement Substrate 
 High Fast Midground Fine