Varieties include the normal tiger coloration, but green, black, gold, and albino Tiger Barbs with regular and long fins are also available. The average life- span in a well kept aquarium is 6 years. This fish needs to be kept in schools. The larger the school the better with 9 fish a good minimum amount. If kept in smaller schools the weaker individuals will be harassed continuously by the more aggressive individuals until they die. Tiger Barbs have a tendency to nip the fins of slow fish and ones that have long flowing fins. The way to combat this is to keep them in a large enough school. If this is done, they will generally keep themselves busy within the school and usually not bother their tankmates too much. If kept with smaller fish, they too should be kept in a school.


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Scientific name Common Name Size Temperament
Barbus tetrazona
 Tiger barb70mmSemi-aggressive
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank size Diet
20-28oC6.0-8.0 100 litresOmnivore