The severum cichlid is a hardy fish with some pretty interesting nicknames. You might see it called the “poor man’s discus” or the “banded cichlid.” Whatever name it goes by, these freshwater fish can be a joy to raise in captivity. Severum cichlids are beautiful and unique-looking fish that many aquarists don’t know much about. It’s easy to assume that it’s “just another cichlid,” but this species stands out in a number of ways. Red-spotted severums are primarily a colour variant of the Gold Severum. They are bred in captivity to specifically elevate the red colour found in the fish. Despite the color variety, all fish of this species have some defining characteristics. The most noticeable is the body shape. Severum cichlids have a compressed and slender body. They look like flattened cichlids, sporting a vertically rounded shape. It’s much different from other South American and African cichlids, making this species stand out. Red-spotted severum tend to grow larger than other severums and are very attractive.


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