The Golden Kuhli Loach (also known as the Neon Kuhli Loach or Golden Eel Kuhli Loach) is a fascinating freshwater fish that originates from Southeast Asia. The Golden Kuhli Loach has a slender, eel-like body. Its base color can range from light pink to brassy yellow. The fish typically have between 10 and 15 dark stripes. Their dorsal fin is located further back than most fish, closer to the tail. On average, Kuhli Loaches live for around 10 years. Kuhli Loaches are generally nocturnal and shy. They actively scavenge for food during the night. Their peaceful temperament makes them great tank companions.


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Scientific Name Common Name Size  Temperament
 Pangio doriae
 Golden kuhli loach 100mm Peaceful
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank Size Diet
 23-30oC 5.5-6.5 150 litres Omnivore