Echinodorus Paleofolius, also known as Mexican sword plant is an emerged aquatic plant. The easy-to-care-for stiff-leaved sword plant Echinodorus Palifolius. It comes from South America and likes soft to hard water. The 20 to 40cm high rosette plant really comes into its own in the middle distance to the background of an aquarium. This beautiful large aquarium plant is a case for the background in the aquarium. It becomes quite expansive and needs a bit of space. It is particularly beautiful in open aquariums, where the inflorescences can then grow above the surface of the water.


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 Scientific Name 
 Common Name Height  Width
 Echinodorus Paleofolius Mexican Sword 40cm 40cm
 Water Temperature
 Water pH Colour Difficulty
 20-28oC 6.0-7.5  Green Easy
 Light Requirement Growth Rate Placement Substrate
 Moderate  Moderate Mid- to Background Gravel