Chinese Algae Eaters are often mistaken for the Siamese Algae Eater, but you can tell the difference when you pay attention to the details. Most specimens have a golden or pale brown body. Typically, the fish’s belly is lighter with a dark black line running from its eye to the base of the tail fin. Perhaps the most noteworthy physical feature of the Chinese Algae Eater is their mouth. These fish have a large mouth and sizable lips. The mouth is used to create a small vacuum against smooth surfaces. If your fish is latched onto the glass, you can even see their mouths moving subtly to create the suction power. The average Chinese Algae Eater size can get around 25 - 30cm in length when fully grown. You should be careful about selecting tank mates, specially larger gentle fish. They have been known to latch onto flat-bodied fish and be a nuisance. Some common targets for this behaviour are discus and angelfish. This behaviour isn’t them being aggressive. In fact, they do this to eat the slime coat of the other fish. Unfortunately, it can injure the other fish and lead to parasitic infections.