Tuxedo Guppies make peaceful and friendly tank mates. They get along well with other guppies, as well as other species. Tuxedo Guppies don’t get territorial, and they actually like being around other fish, rather than alone. So, if you want a mixed aquarium, you can safely add Tuxedo Guppies. The name “Tuxedo Guppy” comes from the sharp contrast and colour distribution that resembles them look like they’re wearing a tuxedo. Fish of this species have beautiful pale fins and heads, while the bottom half of their body is a dark contrasting colour.


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Care level:Temperament:Colour:Lifespan:Size:
EasyPeaceful Various2–5 years50-60mm
Water temperature:Water pH:Tank size:Diet:Scientific name:
17–29°C67.5–8.038 litresOmnivorePoecilia reticulata