Moscow Guppies are perhaps the most expensive fish in the aquarium hobby. They’re also widely appreciated for their beauty. It is a special strain of Guppy fish that doesn’t exist in nature. You can think of them as designer fish. Moscow Guppies have been selectively bred to express certain traits we find desirable. This strain comes in deep block colours and has no distinguishing patterns. This is the defining characteristic of this strain. These Guppies also have a soft, metallic sheen, especially around the head area. They come with very large caudal and dorsal fins. These rare traits make the fish stand out when compared to other Guppies. But traits like colour are very difficult to create via selective breeding. It’s a long and complicated process. This makes the fish very rare and expensive. The first Moscow Guppies were created in the early 80s in Russia, allegedly in the city of Moscow.


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Care level:Temperament:Colour:Lifespan:Size:
EasyPeaceful Various2–5 years50-60mm
Water temperature:Water pH:Tank size:Diet:Scientific name:
17–29°C67.5–8.038 litresOmnivorePoecilia reticulata