Zodiac loaches have pale markings like saddles ringed in black extending down the length of the dorsal side. As the fish mature, the markings become more diverse. These loaches are scaleless and have characteristic barbels on the lower part of their mouth. Zodiac loaches live in clear, well-oxygenated hill streams and rivers, where the water movement is relatively fast. The natural habitat here is shady by the forest canopy and is generally dimly lit. The substrate is made up of algae-covered boulders, rocks, gravel, and coarse sand. Since the water is fast-moving, there is little aquatic planting. This is especially the case during the monsoon seasons of June and September.


Size: *
  • 40mm

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 Scientific Name Common Name Size Temperament
 Nemacheilus triangularis
 Batik loaches  120mm Peaceful
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank Size Diet
 25-30oC 7.0-7.5  110 litres Omnivore

Note: Zodiac Loaches will feast on crustaceans and snails.