The yellow lab cichlid is a vibrantly coloured freshwater fish that thrives in captivity. Most of the specimens you’ll encounter in the trade are bright yellow with a defined black line along the dorsal fin, creating an eye-catching contrast. Yellow lab cichlids have an appropriate name for some specimens. Interestingly, despite their name, most of the population of Yellow Lab Cichlids is not yellow. They can develop a variety of morphs depending on which coast of Lake Malawi they originate in, with the most common color morph being blue. Varieties of color depending on the area: Kakusa- yellow body and blue dorsal fin. Lion’s Cove- yellow body and black dorsal fin. Nkhata Bay- White body with blue fins. Lundu Island- White body and fins Undu Point- White body with a blue dorsal fin.

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Scientific name Common Name Size Temperament
 Labidochromis caeruleus  Yellow lab 100mm semi-aggressive
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank size Diet
 22-28oC 7.2 - 8.8 200 litres carnivore