The tinfoil barb (Baryoniums schwanenfeldii) is distinguishable from other species of the genus in having a red dorsal fin with a black blotch at the tip, red pectoral, pelvic and anal fins, red caudal fin with white margin and a black sub marginal stripe along each lobe, and 8 scale rows between dorsal-fin origin and lateral line. Large individuals are silvery or golden yellow while alive with its dorsal fin red and caudal fin orange or blood-red. The tinfoil barb is a schooling species that prefers to be placed with a number of its own species. It prefers living in water with strong currents similar to those found in their native streams. It is also recommended that they be kept with fish of similar size or larger.


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Scientific name Common Name Size Temperament
Baryoniums schwanenfeldii
 Tinfoil barb300mmSemi-aggressive
 Water Temperature Water pH Tank size Diet
 120 litresOmnivore