The Mosaic Guppy, or Poecilia reticulata, is a popular freshwater fish originating from northeastern South America. You'll usually find them in the warm waters of Brazil, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. In the wild, Mosaic Guppies are most often found in calm, slow-moving waters with plenty of vegetation. These plants not only serve as hiding spots but also as a food source, while the various water conditions make their vibrant colours stand out. These social fish thrive in groups but can also be kept as pairs or small groups.


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Care level:Temperament:Colour:Lifespan:Size:
EasyPeaceful Various2–5 years50-60mm
Water temperature:Water pH:Tank size:Diet:Scientific name:
22–28°C67.5–8.038 litresOmnivorePoecilia reticulata