Micranthemum tweediei, commonly known as Bacopita, Monte-carlo pearl weed, New Large Pearl Grass, and Tweedie’s pearl weed, is a fantastic carpeting plant. It grows quickly and provides a lovely aquascape that will add to the lushness of your home aquarium. You may grow it along the bottom substrate and then use cuttings or offspring to create a cascade over rocks. Not all aquatic plants are capable of doing double duty. Growing these lilies does not need a lot of work. However, you might still want to know a lot concerning this lovely plant and how you can take care of it properly. The Monte Carlo is a good substitute for Dwarf Baby’s Tears, one of the most popular aquarium plants. Unlike Dwarf Baby’s Tears, however, the former is relatively easy to care for. To grow Monte Carlo (tissue culture) in the tank, follow these steps: - Take the plant out of the plastic container and set it aside. - To remove the nutrition gel, rinse the plant in a dish filled with clean water. - Cut the plant into eight to ten tiny pieces. - Collect the split plants one at a time with tweezers and dip them into the substrate. - Make sure it’s buried deep enough in the substrate to keep the plantlets from escaping.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Height Ease of growing
 Micranthemum tweediei  Monte Carlo 30-60mm Easy
 Water Temperature Water pH Light Requirement Growth Rate
 20-25°C  6.0-8.0  Moderate to high light  Moderate to fast
 Origin Propagation  Aquascape  CO2 Requirement 
 Northern Argentina  Divide rooted
 Foreground  Recommended for dense