Ludwigia Inclinata is an attractive and popular aquarium plant with specific care needs. Best suited to high tech tank setups, this plant needs bright lighting, CO2 injection, and added nutrients for best growth. Many varieties are available with different colors and growth patterns. When grown in ideal environments, Ludwigia shows robust growth and many varieties have multi-colored foliage, with crowns displaying orange to reddish leafs. If you’re an advanced hobbyist, or a planted tank beginner looking for a challenge, Ludwigia Inclinata is an excellent choice. We’ve put together this guide with all you’ll need to know the get the best results from this beautiful, but finicky, aquarium plant. Ludwigia Inclinata Cuba is a tall and robust variety with yellow, orange, and red colors. If you need a strong growing Ludwigia variety for your aquarium, the Cuba variety may be a great fit.


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 Scientific Name Common Name Height Width
 Ludwigia inclinata   50cm 20cm
 Water Temperature Water pH Colour Difficulty
  17-26oC  6.5-7.5 Green Difficult
 Light demand Grow Rate Placement Substrate 
Bright Fast Background Fine