Oscar fish also known as velvet cichlids, are an extremely popular freshwater fish in the aquarium community. They’re beautiful and their mannerisms make them quite fun to watch. These fish are quite aggressive and can quickly cause problems if you intend on keeping them with other fish. That’s why it is recommended that you have some experience as an aquarist before owning one. We recommend you get a good filter, like canisters, for your Oscar tank. Usually, Oscar’s releases large bio loads into the tank as they are voracious eaters. They consume plenty of food, thereby releasing a large amount of waste.


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 Scientific Name 
 Common Name 
 Astronotus ocellatus
 250-300mm Large Aggressive – Predatory
 Water Temperature
 Water pH
 Tank Size 
 22 to 30° C
 6 – 8 475 litres Omnivore