Hygrophila Corymbosa is a simple plant that is fairly easy to care for. This aquatic plant creates a beautiful view with its long, slim, tapered leaves at each end. This stem plant is bright green in colour and can sometimes change colours based on the amount of lighting it receives. The plant is known to change to a dark green colour, as well as pink, red, and even purple. When partially submerged, this aquatic plant has the ability to produce pink and purple flowers. Hygrophila corymbosa stricta is a versatile and hardy aquatic plant species that is native to Southeast Asia. It is known for its tall, upright growth habit with dense clusters of bright green leaves. The leaves are lanceolate in shape and have serrated edges. Under optimal conditions, Hygrophila corymbosa stricta can grow up to 60 cm in height, making it an excellent background or midground plant in aquariums. Synonyms - Nomaphila corymbosa Nomaphila stricta var. corymbosa


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 Scientific Name 
 Common Name Height  Width
 Hygrophila Corymbosa  Temple plant  15cm 
Water Temperature
 Water pH Colour Difficulty
 20-28oC 5.5-8   Green Easy
 Light Requirement Growth Rate Placement Substrate
 moderate to intense  Medium Background Fine